Blog Policy and Rules of Conduct

This blog will remain politically neutral on issues of same-sex marriage and church policy and will encourage missionaries to keep mission rules and church standards, while still expressing love, respect, and affirmation for those who are unable to or choose not to serve. We recognize that missions are challenging experiences that are not right for everyone. We encourage LGBT youth to make the decision to serve a mission a matter of prayer and to counsel with supportive parents, friends, and mentors they trust. To those who choose not to serve, please know that you are just as loved and valued as those who do serve. We encourage you to seek other meaningful opportunities to serve others so that you can experience the joy and growth that comes from dedicated, Christlike service.

We ask that your comments remain sensitive to those of differing viewpoints. Healthy discussion and disagreement is a good thing, but contention is not. We reserve the right to remove any comments we feel are destructive, damaging, or disrespectful to our readers. That being said, we appreciate comments and feedback and we encourage you to contribute to the conversation.

This blog is not affiliated with or sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The content of this blog reflects of the views of the authors and does not represent the opinion of any other individual or organization.

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